Your Body Flavor Massage Therapy

Your massage transformation session
with the massage therapist Emeel Safie, who has been in the field since 2007

Your Flavor Massage Therapy

We will apply during the session what your body needs to improve afterward. We can use a combination of massage therapy styles such as reflexology, trigger point, sport massage, classical, or just one; the important thing is to provide your body with the help it needs.

The most important points about Your Flavor Massage Therapy are:

1- Personalized Experience: "Your Flavor Massage" is all about creating a massage experience tailored to your unique needs and preferences, just like selecting your favorite flavor.

2- Holistic Wellness: This massage approach considers the whole body, aiming to restore balance and well-being, much like reflexology's holistic approach.

3- Stress Reduction: Like wellness massage, "Your Flavor Massage" is highly effective in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, helping lower stress hormones and increasing feel-good hormones.

4- Pain Relief and Comfort: Much like chair massage, it provides pain relief and comfort, targeting specific areas of discomfort.

5- Tailored Therapy: "Your Flavor Massage" offers a truly customized therapeutic experience. Whether you need stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, enhanced immunity, or better circulation, this massage is uniquely tailored to address your specific requirements, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Where can we apply the session?

We can apply it at L1Fe Fitness Studio, located in Frankfurt am Main at Luginsland 1, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main. 

Or at a location of your choice.

Yes, it's possible to book us

The sessions can be booked by a group, a company, a club, or an individual person at a time that is convenient for you or at the times offered by us. Depending on the size and needs of the group, the price will be offered accordingly.

Please contact the organizers at m@mda.news to discuss your specific requirements and receive a fair price quote for the session. However, please note that hotel residence and driving costs, if needed, will be covered by the event holder (not by us). For bookings outside of Germany, you will need to pay half of the price in advance.

We look forward to helping you improve and develop yourself and your environment.

To learn more about Emeel, click on Leaders of MDA

We will be happy to provide you with more information on how the session can benefit you and your group, and tailor the content to meet your specific needs and schedule.

To the Journey

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