Why join MDA?

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Dancers, athletes, and fighters who care to enhance their health and performance through Emeel transformative process

Joining the MDA can be a transformative experience that offers several compelling reasons to consider:

offers several compelling reasons to consider:

1- Unlock more potential:
Emeel Process focuses on self-growth and exploring your full potential through thought and movement.

2- Movement and Functional Awareness: MDA emphasizes the importance of movement and functional awareness in our daily lives. By incorporating dance-like movements and conscious efforts to free the 12-joint, the MDA process helps you stay functional and prevent injuries.

3- Non-Traditional Dance Styles: MDA goes beyond traditional dance training. It incorporates My Dance Style to reflect the realities of our lives and offer practical solutions for various aspects of life, including work, sports, teaching, and healthcare practice.

4- Thought-Provoking Philosophy: MDA's founder, Emeel Safie, believes that We can get anything we want by solving the Weight and dancing the process. Challenging conventional beliefs and encourages thinking differently about everything.

5- Diverse Educational Options: MDA offers education in two departments: My Dance Style and The 12-Joint Sessions. These programs are available both online and in-person, catering to individual preferences and needs.

6- Offers: In addition to the core education, MDA provides various offers for individuals and groups.

7- Inclusive Community: MDA fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for movement and self-growth. It encourages creativity and exploration in the process of movement.

8- Embrace Dancing for Body's Functionality: MDA believes that dancing is not just a traditional art form but an essential aspect of life. Embracing dance-like movements allows individuals to enjoy life more fully and achieve their goals while preventing stiffness, injuries, and diseases.

9- Multilingual Education: The academy offers education in three languages: Arabic, English, and German, making it accessible to a broader audience.

10- Personal Development Benefits: MDA's programs have practical applications in various areas of life, including sports, fitness, teaching, and healthcare. By building awareness and improving functional movement, individuals can enhance their performance in these areas.

Overall, joining the MnAna Dance Academy can be a unique opportunity to Unlock more of your potential.