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How is it designed?

Our workshop is designed to empower you to harness your unique talents, align with your purpose and goals, and overcome mental or physical challenges that may be holding you back. We will guide you through a journey of self-discovery, helping you identify your strengths and aspirations.

During our interactive sessions, you'll experience a mindset shift, learning to believe in your abilities and view obstacles as opportunities for growth. We'll engage you with short games and exercises that facilitate the practical application of the concepts you've learned.

In addition to these foundational elements, we will apply the AKBI principles of Emeel's process, a proven framework for tackling various challenges and problems, whether they are mental or physical in nature. These principles will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to progress toward your life's goals.

As we explore your habits and behaviors, we'll help you assess their alignment with your objectives and encourage adjustments where necessary. To ensure that your journey continues beyond our workshop, you'll receive homework assignments that reinforce the concepts and strategies learned, facilitating continuous personal growth and goal achievement.

And there's a bonus! You can further explore the path to discovering your purpose by reading our "How to Find Purpose" blog [https://mda.news/purpose]. This resource will offer valuable insights to help you get closer to your talents, transforming them into your life's mission and career.

So, what are The end results?

More fulfilling life and a legacy that leaves a positive impact on those around you.

Yes, it's possible to book us

This workshop is designed for individuals who are interested in improving and developing themselves and their environment by creating new habits that focus on self-improvement.

The workshops can be booked by a group, a company, a club, or an individual person at a time that is convenient for you or at the times offered by us. Depending on the size and needs of the group, the price will be offered accordingly.

Please contact the organizers at m@mda.news to discuss your specific requirements and receive a fair price quote for the session. However, please note that hotel residence and driving costs, if needed, will be covered by the event holder (not by us). For bookings outside of Germany, you will need to pay half of the price in advance.

Please bring a pen and paper for taking notes.

We look forward to helping you improve and develop yourself and your environment.

To learn more about Emeel, click on Leaders of MDA

To learn more about MDA techniques and principles (R-AST, AKBI), click on MDA process

We will be happy to provide you with more information on how the workshop can benefit you and your group, and tailor the content to meet your specific needs and schedule.

To the Journey

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