You can transform your emotion into motion to enhance your Enjoyment

Transform your Emotion into Motion

WAZN Dance Style Workshop

This style was created By Emeel Safie in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2022 to unite people from all over the world through movement, music, and self-expression, fostering a sense of community, connection, and acceptance. The dance involves holding hands, walking steps, and any dance style or movement individuals wish to share in that moment. WAZN is a joyful dance that uplifts the spirits.

Currently, we offer WAZN sessions for various groups, including companies, clubs, schools, universities, and more.

Glimpse of WAZN

Here we provide you a quick preview video of WAZN. We have sped up the video for you to see the format of WAZN.
With the other videos, you can get an idea of what a typical round looks like.


Yes, it's possible to book us

The workshops can be booked by a group, a company, a club, or an individual person at a time that is convenient for you or at the times offered by us. Depending on the size and needs of the group, the price will be offered accordingly.

Please contact the organizers at m@mda.news to discuss your specific requirements and receive a fair price quote for the session. However, please note that hotel residence and driving costs, if needed, will be covered by the event holder (not by us). For bookings outside of Germany, you will need to pay half of the price in advance.

Please bring a pen and paper for taking notes.

We look forward to helping you improve and develop yourself and your environment.

To learn more about Emeel, click on Leaders of MDA

To learn more about MDA techniques and principles (R-AST, AKBI), click on MDA process

We will be happy to provide you with more information on how the workshop can benefit you and your group, and tailor the content to meet your specific needs and schedule.

Welcome to the world of

WAZN - where dancing is not just a mere act of movement, but a celebration of life, a union of hearts, and an expression of humanity's essence.

Our invigorating dance brings people together, transcending language, nationality, and cultural differences, providing a safe and welcoming environment that unites individuals in a shared experience.

WAZN is a celebration of life that promotes community, connection, and acceptance. It's a powerful reminder that we are all connected and can come together through the simple act of dance.

Additionally, the WAZN dance style is built upon a simple and direct theory that emphasizes the enjoyment of moving the body weight, making it accessible to people of all skill levels.

The Philosophy behind WAZN
WAZN goes beyond just moving your body. The WAZN is based on the MnAna Dance Academy concept that there are four essential aspects of our being: self, mind, body, and environment.

So, why do I need WAZN then?

My answer is direct and simple: Who cares why?! It's just so fabulous, so fantastic, so beautiful to see so many people united and holding hands and sharing the language of movement, regardless of nationality and culture.

In case you are curious to know more about WAZN, cou can get the Document of WAZN on kinlde or as a paperback.


The sessions are led by Emeel-endorsed trainers for groups or individuals.

The cost of the first session is under pay what you want.

To the Journey

WAZN, Emeel safie,