Welcome to the world of Emeel's process

Welcome to the world of Emeel process

Shortly, Emeel's process (principles & techniques):

A direct and simple transformative approach aimed at maximizing effectiveness and functionality while using minimal time and energy in applying any thought or movement for better results.

Applying Emeel Process is like having your own key to unlock your house door, instead of always relying on someone else to open it for you. Additionally, it is applicable for any thought and movement in this life.

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What is Emeel's Process about?

If you are at A and want to get to Z, then you must move to Z. Moving implies a process to reach there and when you lead with Emeel's process you can unlock more potential.l.

For examples:
1- If someone's goal is to become more flexible, the process is not just to run 5km every day, but to stretch often throughout the day, every day.

2- If someone's goal is to shape their body, the process is not just to eat less or watch others train, but to run 5km and stretch every day.

3- If someone's goal is to eat pizza, the process is not to go to a meat (burger) restaurant and order pizza, but to visit a pizza restaurant and order there.

What is Emeel's process for?

- Useful for solving and overcoming mental and physical challenges, unlocking one's full potential in terms of talents and skills, recovering from injuries or diseases, preventing future health issues, and updating habits to stay functional. In other words, by cultivating awareness, knowledge, balance, and a commitment to ongoing improvement, we can better navigate life's obstacles and achieve our goals.

- Applicable and used in any movement (activity, habit, work) and thought in life.

- What enables you to become the person who is using a thing (chair,challenge, etc) instead of being that thing (chair, problem, etc) and what helps you making a difference in your knowledge, time, energy, money, habits, etc.

Most of what you need to update you already have, the Question is:

- How to notice and update them?

We will show you HOW

EMEEL's (the founder) philosophy

"We can get anything we want by solving the Weight and dancing the process."


Solve the Weight in 2 steps:



We first locate the Weight (metal or physical, challenge or problem) that we need to work on,


Emeel's Process

Then we apply the Principles:

And one of the Techniques:

Better Results

- Enhanced self-control, performance, and enjoyment.

Emeel's process

The AKBI Principles are four:
Awareness, Knowledge, Balance, and Improvement.

The MMT techniques are three:

Key phrases Mindset

Re-Action Self Treatment

Such as:

- Who am I?
- What do I want?
- Where is the Weight resting?
- What if we think about everything Differently?
- Just this key can open this door.

- I do not want to survive I want to live. 
- My choice has one result.
- If it is not the results you want then change the process.
- Think, think differently, apply.

The Forgotten Elements of the Movement

They are:

- Idea,
- Accent,
- Direction,
- Weight,

- Breathing.

12-joint Treatment

Re-Action Self Treatment

Uses a combination of:

- Moving,
- Lemon,
- Banana,

- Shifting, 
- Accordion,
- Awareness,
- Movement to do,
- and other fitting techniques.

What are AKBI?

AKBI stands for Awareness, Knowledge, Balance, and Improvement, which are the principles of MnAna Dance Academy.

They are revolutionary principles that help individuals overcome any mental or physical challenges, such as procrastination habit, neck pain from work, difficulty mastering a new movement, or even unhappiness due to the weather, that prevent them from reaching their goals.

To overcome these challenges, individuals must first become aware of the source of the challenge, gain knowledge on how to solve it, learn how to balance it, and work to improve it.

AKBI can be learned in a glimpse by participating in any of our workshops as it is part of the foundation of MDA. However, we recommend that you seek advice on how to use AKBI from the founder or a certified trainer.

If you wish to learn AKBI, please contact us, and the founder will decide whether or not to grant permission.

Once you have mastered AKBI, you can develop it as a habit to overcome any challenge that comes your way and even help those you love.

In case you face any current mental or physical challenges, you can book an individual session with the founder or a certified MDA trainer to learn how to apply AKBI.

We also offer to learn the AKBI through Emeel Safie's book: Digital (Kindle), and printed.

Title: AKBI to solve the Weight


What is the 12-joint Treatment?

Is a revolutionary technique that requires individuals to take the initiative to move from point A to point Z in order to overcome injuries and illnesses and recover or prevent them on their own over time. It's important to understand that the founder or certified trainer cannot heal or prevent injuries for the individual; it's the individual who needs to apply the technique themselves. However, to successfully do so, individuals need to learn how to apply the 12-joint treatment.

One of the most valuable benefits of 12-joint treatment is the awareness it provides, including awareness of the Weight (physical challenge), the injured area or diseases, and how to prevent future injuries and diseases. The technique is easy to learn and can be applied independently after learning it from the founder, Emeel Safie, or a certified MDA trainer.

The 12-joint technique is an essential component of MDA-style training sessions. It focuses on freeing up joints and increasing flexibility to overcome challenges or prevent them from occurring.

During 12-joint sessions, a combination of techniques is used, including the lemon, shifting, accordion, awareness, and movement to do. Each technique has its own theory and must be learned from the inventor's perspective.

You can get a short glimpse of how they work and how they can be done through a workshop called "Nutrition and Movement," where individuals can book either the full workshop or just the movement part.

If you are interested in learning the 12-joint treatment, you can send us a request, and the founder will decide whether to offer you a session or not. During the sessions, you will learn both the 12-joint technique and the AKBI principles, and you will have the opportunity to practice them until you have developed them as a habit.

In case you face any current physical challenges, you can book an individual session with the founder or a certified MDA trainer to learn how to apply the 12-joint treatment.

Lastly, it's crucial to understand the MDA principles AKBI and how to apply them to overcome any Weight (mental and physical challenge) with the 12-joint technique. Overall, 12-joint offers a powerful and effective way for individuals to take control of their health and well-being.