Leaders of MDA

Emeel Safie

The Founder
Trainer for all sessions

He is a highly skilled movement specialist, inventor, and developer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His speciality is contemporary dance style, and he has performed in films, theater shows, and national and international competitions across several countries, including Syria, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

Additionally, Emeel specializes in helping individuals improve their habits and stay functional to make a difference in their environment.

Emeel holds a Bachelor of Arts of Damascus Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and an MBA. He gained various certificates and awards, including Reflexology, Meridian-Recovery massage, Pilates Trainer, Ayurveda, Abhaynga, Chakra Massage therapist, Faszien Yoga, Dance judge in JMC, Fitness Trainer Beginner to Advance, and Kinesiology Taping. He has also created choreographies for National and International competitions for Contemporary dance adult category.

Emeel offers both in-person and ONLINE sessions to help individuals overcome physical and mental health issues.

To learn more about Emeel, please click on the word "CV" to view his CV link.

Mohammad Safia

MDA Trainer for the 12-joint sessions

He is a highly experienced nutritionist and reflexologist with over 30 years of experience in Chinese techniques of reflexology and food systems. Mohammad has dedicated his life to helping people improve their health and wellbeing through better eating and movement habits.

With strong communication and interpersonal skills, Mohammad is knowledgeable in Chinese reflexology and food systems. He has the ability to develop customized nutrition and exercise plans for individuals, as well as the expertise in MDA Process (principles & techniques), including the ability to apply them to daily actions and reactions, teach and apply sessions on others.

Mohammad specializes in treating a wide range of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, women's health issues, and joint pain in the neck, lower back, and extremities.

As a nutritionist and reflexologist, Mohammad offers both in-person and online sessions to help individuals overcome physical and mental health issues.

In addition, Mohammad is an MDA Trainer in The 12-Joint Session Department MnAna Dance Academy with 220 hours of training. Currently, he is pursuing a Law Degree in Syria and a Physiotherapy degree in Bulgaria.

To learn more about Mohammad, please click on the word "CV " to view his CV link.

Süreyya (Siya) Safie

Potential MDA Trainer for MDA Style sessions

She is a highly qualified and experienced individual with a background in sports science and education. She is not only dedicated to teaching in schools (physical education and spanish) but also brings her motherly love to her profession. She is a passionate professional with a dedication to fitness and wellness.

Her fluency in german, english, spanish, and turkish and conversational proficiency in french, as well as basic knowledge of Arabic, make her a versatile and effective communicator.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Science and a minor in Romanistik with a focus on Spanish from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Additionally, she has professional certifications and training in Yoga, Pilates, and Trampoline methodology. With a wealth of experience as a teacher, trainer, and coach, she has a proven track record of success in working with a variety of age groups and skill levels.

Her talents as a dancer, having trained under the Art Director of the Fire of Anatolia Dance Show, make her a valuable asset to any organization. And she dedicated her life to help children, students and others to learn new information and skills.

To learn more about Süreyya, please click on the word "CV " to view her CV link.

Yves Schwanter

Trainer for the 12-joint sessions

He is a highly accomplished and well-educated fitness professional with a strong background in sports and coaching. He grew up at the Sports Gymnasium in Chemnitz and began his athletic career in track and field before switching to basketball in the 6th grade. Through the youth state selection he progressed towards various mens leagues and continued playing for a total of 20 years.

Despite enjoying the competition as an athlete Yves consciously chose to focus on supporting others in their development heavily influenced by the perspective of being a team captain for seven years.

To support his work, Yves has acquired a variety of certifications, including a Bachelor's degree in fitness training, a certification as a nutrition trainer, and a certification as a fascia trainer (A).

Additionally, Yves is a certified performance sport body trainer, has completed kinesiology education, and has specialized in brain-based approach to training and personal development through Z-Health education and Neuroresonance. These areas of expertise are now the main focus of his work as a coach and mentor.

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