What is Contemporary Dance?

(from Emeel Safie's Perspective)

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Anyone who is moving effortlessly and smoothly in what they do is a magnificent dancer.

Let's first define the words:

1- The word "contemporary"
Comes from the Latin word "contemporarius," which means "living at the same time." It was first used in English in the early 17th century to describe people or things that existed during the same time period.

2- Now let's ask, What is Dance?
"Dance is our mother tongue, a form of movement that connects us all" Dance is any form of effortlessly and smoothly performed movement, including activities such as ballet dance, walking, modern dance, football, hip-hop music, tennis, basketball, running, typing, hitting the floor, playing sports, farming, climbing a mountain, and cooking, etc.

The difference lies in how the hidden Elements of the movement are used. Body language is a prime example, as our movements express emotions - slouchy and hunched when sad, open and upright when happy. Walking pace, precision and fluidity in planning and typing also convey emotions and level of focus.

What is a Dancer?
To be a dancer, one must perform the movement effortlessly and smoothly.
Despite this, we all have moments where we embody the essence of a dancer in our daily activities.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the meaning of the words "contemporary," "dance" and "dancer," let's dive into how contemporary dance looks like.

How does Contemporary Dance look like?

In short, Contemporary Dance refers to any movement that is created and performed effortlessly and smoothly in the current time, reflecting the present-day mindset and approach. It is not limited to specific techniques or movements and can be achieved by updating established styles with new ideas, directions, weights, accents, breathing, and other elements that are relevant to the current time and cultural context. This is accomplished through the use of movement, expression, and improvisation, enabling dancers to respond to the moment and create a performance that is relevant and meaningful to them and the audience.

This is accomplished through the use of movement, expression, and improvisation, enabling dancers to respond to the moment and create a performance that is relevant and meaningful to them and the audience as well.

Performers in contemporary dance have the ability to bring their own ideas to the performance, which allows for a diverse range of movements, rhythms, and creative expressions. For instance, a contemporary dance performance might address social justice issues or the experiences of marginalized communities, using movement to bring attention to these issues and inspire change in an effortless and smooth way.

Furthermore, contemporary dance can provide pure enjoyment, much like watching a football match that is played effortlessly and smoothly. Its dynamic, fluid movements engage the audience and bring them into the present moment, providing a much-needed escape from the challenges of everyday life.

Additionally, choreographers and dancers in contemporary dance often challenge traditional notions of dance by incorporating everyday movements into their performances. They mayfocus on developing new ways of moving and expressing themselves through their bodieseffortlessly and smoothly, rather than adhering to a specific set of technical rules. This allows for more creativity, personal expression, and experimentation with various forms of movement.

And there you have it!
A Contemporary dancer is somebody who creates and performs unique, improvisational movements effortlessly and smoothly, reflecting the present-day context and mindset.

Examples of a contemporary dancer:

1- A person who performs a blend of ballet, modern, and floorwork dance styles, incorporating daily routines and reflecting the present-day context and mindset, creates unique or improvisational movements with effortless and smooth execution in both training and performances.

2- A person who trains with exercises that are up-to-date, reflecting the present-day context and mindset and fit to this time period, rather than just using old systems or styles, to allow them control the ball with effortlessly, smoothly move past other players, and ultimately pass or score a goal.

3- A person who is delivering information reflecting the present-day context and mindset by using a language that is clear and simple, and relevant examples that are relatable to the audience and doing that in an effortlessly and smoothly way. Where effective communication requires conveying up-to-date ideas in a manner that is easily understood by others.

A videos Example for Contemporary Dance

Here are links as a brief illustration of what contemporary dance looks like. Please note that this is just a short and limited representation from one viewpoint.