AKBI to solve the Weight
Books by EmeeL Safie

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1- AKBI to solve the Weight

Whether we are aware or not :), in this journey of life, we face challenges or problems that need to be solved. Just as with any other aspect, it is important to update our approach to solving them from time to time for better results.

Just like all of us, I aspire to turn my thoughts and ideas into reality, to pursue my dreams, achieve my goals, and engage in various activities without experiencing stiffness or pain such as lie down, sit, stand, walk, chill out, run, and work. We all desire to fully enjoy our bodies and lives, and possess the ability to address challenges before they evolve into problems.

After much introspection, I chose to find the "HOW" behind achieving all that we desire. Within the pages of this book, I offer you one perspective that may potentially guide you towards achieving your desires. I have delved deeply into the concept of Weight, encompassing both mental and physical challenges or problems, and have developed a strategy to overcome them.

The book is available as Digital (kindle), and printed versions.

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2- Document of WAZN Dance Style

Welcome to the vibrant and exciting world of WAZN!

WAZN promotes community, connection, and acceptance.

WAZN is more than just a dance style; it's a celebration of life, a union of hearts, and an expression of humanity's essence.

It brings people together, transcending language, nationality, and cultural differences, providing a welcoming environment that unites individuals in a shared experience.

With its invigorating energy, WAZN is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and can come together through the simple act of dance.

The Philosophy behind WAZN:

WAZN goes beyond just moving your body. It holds a deeper meaning behind the scenes, with every move and count symbolizing the interconnectedness of our being.

The WAZN is based on the MnAna Dance Academy concept that there are four essential aspects of our being: self, mind, body, and environment. Each of these aspects is represented by a number: 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

The total count of 8 on music symbolizes the infinite relationship between these four aspects and the importance of achieving balance among them.

So, why do I need WAZN then?

My answer is direct and simple: It's just so fabulous, so fantastic, so beautiful to see so many people united and holding hands and sharing the language of movement, regardless of nationality and culture.

Link to get the Document of WAZN on kinlde or as a paperback.


Link for videos of WAZN: