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Duo Dance Differently 2022

In the German Championship 2022, we proudly secured the 3rd place in the Adult Contemporary dance category by performing the MDS (MDA Dance Style).

Emeel Safie and Joanne Wagner's mesmerizing choreography and outstanding dance moves qualified us for the prestigious World Championship in Slovenia. An exhilarating journey of talent and passion on the dance floor!

The Grace - Gallus theater 2022

On July 05, 2022, we presented the "The Grace - Die Gnade"  at the Gallus Theater stage in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was part of the Schultheatertage.

This dance performance tells the story of human evolution, starting with Homo habilis as the predecessor of Homo sapiens and progressing towards the modern human, imbued with wisdom and grace acquired throughout their lifetime. While the mortal nature of human beings leads them to depart from the community at the end of their lives, their knowledge lives on, preserved and carried forward by the remaining members of the community. Life Goes On.

The choreography is 51% directed by Emeel Safie and 49% choreographed by all the dancers of the MDA team. Danced by: Olga Ebel, Süreyya Safie, Kim Olmesdhl, Tanja Hansen, Vilen Lipatov, Luca Marei Endell, Peetje Wolf, Ella Lu Wolf, Antonia Reichmuth, Andrey Sabev, Natalia Desiree, Ksenija Vujačić-Mirski, Alice Heller, Elisa Batori and Emeel Safie.

Duration 23 minutes. We hope you enjoy the performance.
Choreography by Emeel Safie and the MDA Dancers.cer #

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