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Show: What is your Question? 2020

The MDA Dance show titled "What is your Question" was a unique and thought-provoking experience that took audiences on a journey through the questions that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. Through the medium of dance, the performers translated these questions into a powerful and emotive language that connected with the audience on a deep and personal level.


The show explored a range of questions, some of which had clear answers, while others remained elusive. Through this exploration, the performers encouraged the audience to reflect on their own questions and the deeper meaning behind them.

By doing so, the show inspired viewers to seek out the answers to their questions, in order to find greater meaning and enjoyment in their lives.

It's worth nothing that due to the pandemic, the MDA Dance show "What is your Question" was filmed and made available online in 2020.

Choreography by: Emeel Safie and MDA Dancers.

Immortality - WTT 2020

On Thursday 20th February 2020, the Wintertanztraum (WTT) event was held at the Sportcampus of the Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Dr. Gabriela Postuwka, the director of the event, and her team organized an impressive program of performances featuring a group of local student dancers and special guests, including the renowned MDA dancers.

The MDA dancers, led by choreographer Emeel Safie, delivered a stunning performance of their piece "Immortality" that captivated the audience and highlighted their exceptional talent and artistry.

Choreography by: Emeel Safie

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