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Solo World Championship 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our founder has achieved great success at the 2019 IDO World Modern & Contemporary Championships in Poland! We extend our warmest congratulations to him for earning 11th place in the solo adult contemporary performance category.


The choreography, titled "No Mercy," 
Choreography by Emeel Safie

Duo 5th place in World Championship 2019

"The Grudge" Choreography


In 2019, Emeel and Lilian participated with pride in the TAF German Championship for Performing Arts. Their dedication and hard work paid off as they secured the 5th place at the IDO World Championship and the 2nd place in the DTV German Championship category for Contemporary Dance.


Danced by: Emeel Safie and Lilian Kreim.
Music composed by: Emeel Safie.
Choreographed by: Emeel Safie.

Group in DTV German Championship 2019

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In 2019, MDA proudly participated in the German championship DTV-JMC (Jazz, Modern, Contemporary) for small group category in Modern, Contemporary dance, showcasing the MDA Dance Style.

Choreography by: Emeel Safie

Danced by: Olga, Sandrine, Tanja Hansen, Sophie Heller, Lilian Kreim, Siya Safie, Emeel Safie.

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