Where is the Weight resting?

Where is the Weight?

For whom is MDA designed?

MDA, or the MnAna Dance Academy (Mindset, Movement, Treatment Development Academy), is designed for individuals worldwide who deserve to enhance their Performance.

What is the purpose of MDA?

We believe that Emeel's process allows us to work differently with individuals by saving their time and energy uncovering their own keys to perform any thought or movement effortlessly and smoothly, thereby achieving higher levels of personal development. Additionally, building a global community to make dance loud alongside those who value self-improvement, helping others, and repeating these principles.

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What is the Vision of MDA?

Someday, humans will habitually Dance their day. In other words, humans will habitually apply Emeel's process in their daily lives to save time and energy while overcoming challenges, solving problems, and enhancing their performance.

What are you seeking to improve?

We offer workshops and regular sessions designed for both groups and individuals.